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Knowledge security in higher education and research



Knowledge security in higher education and research 

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Knowledge security has been a prominent topic in public discourse in The Netherlands in recent years. Apart from the widely caried viewpoint that academia thrives with international exchanges, there has been more attention to the risks associated with these exchanges.  

Knowledge security in higher education and science is about tackling the unwanted transfer of sensitive knowledge and technology that affects national security. It also concerns the approach to covert influencing of education and research by countries, so-called 'state actors', which are also actively seeking knowledge and technology in the Netherlands to increase their own military, technological, political and economic power. This interference endangers academic freedom and social security. Finally, knowledge security concerns ethical issues that can arise in cooperation with countries that do not respect certain fundamental rights. 

There are certain academic faculties in the Netherlands that deal with sensitive and/or scarce information. Researchers who wish to conduct research or become employees at such faculties might be subjected to certain security checks.  

If you have any question, there is a special government portal where you can pose all your questions about knowledge security. To read more visit this website.  

On this website you can read about Dutch policy concerning Knowledge security.