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Financial matters


Read up on how the following topics are relevant for taxation, fellowships and salaries.

Understanding your payslip

Your employer must provide you with a pay slip which provides you with information about your salary. This includes information on how your wage is calculated and the amounts that have been withheld. The employer must provide this information when you receive your first salary. After your first salary you will receive a payslip each time something changes in your salary. Most employers provide online pays slip information in which you can see and download your pay slips continuously. 

Information on the payslip


If something is not right

If you have questions about your pay slip first ask your employer for advice. If you need more information you can contact workers unions or labor law lawyers for advice.

Trade union federations

Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV) (click on the globe icon upper right and choose English) and Algemene Onderwijsbond (AOB) are Dutch trade union federations, they guard and advocate employees’ rights in matters related to collective labour agreements, social security, and pensions. They can answer any questions you have about work and income and help you if you have problems with your wages.