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Housing in the Netherlands is generally in short supply and can therefore be very expensive and hard to find. It might prove quite a challenge to find suitable accommodation that fits your budget. If you prepare your search well, you will avoid unpleasant surprises later on.


  • Access

    Services: expat support organization helping English speakers of all nationalities to settle in and make the most of life in the Netherlands.

  • Connect International

    Services: information, support and service for businesses and international residents to help familiarize them with the practical, cultural, educational and commercial aspects of the Northern Netherlands.

  • Dutch Living Services

    Services: relocation management firm providing a wide range of customized solutions to multinational organizations for the relocation of their human capital: immigration services, housing & schools, settling-in services, etc.

  • EuroHome Relocation Services

    Services: leading relocation service provider in Central and Eastern Europe and member of World Relocation Network.

  • Just Landed Netherlands

    Services: whether you're an exchange student, professional or pensioner - Just Landed's information, products and services will help you make the most of your life in the Netherlands.

  • Link'O

    Services: orientation and relocation support services to foreign companies and employees who wish to establish their base in the Netherlands.

  • PAS BM Relocation Services

    Services: classic relocation services, cultural training, work permit & visa application, income tax filing services.

  • The Relocation Company

    Services: relocation, housing, finance, tax assistance, other.

  • Settle Service
  • Stoit Groep


  • TaXpat Services:

    expatriate tax services

  • Domestic Outsourcing 

    Services: ex-pat services, administrative support, internet & telephony, cleaning service, pet service, etc.

  • Relocation Advisers

    Wide range of furnished and semi-furnished accommodations, in particular in and around Amsterdam, but also for example in Haarlem, Wassenaar and 't Gooi.


  • Direct Wonen

    The largest leasing agent in the Netherlands with 22 branch offices.

  • Funda
    A resource for home buyers with real estate information supplied by members of the Netherlands Association of Real Estate Brokers NVM and independently sourced neighborhood information from publishing house Wegener.

  • Dutch Housing Centre

    Agency for luxury living for international companies who need temporary furnished/unfurnished accommodations for their employees.

  • Renthouse

    Rental accommodation in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

  • Expatica

    Interactive housing search service hosted by Expatica.

  • Perfect Housing

    Specializes in housing and relocation services for client companies and their international employees and families in the Netherlands.

  • Hakkenbroek Housing Company

    Real estate agency both for temporary rent of luxury houses and apartments and for assistance when buying a property in the Netherlands.

  • Haagen & Partners

    Housing agency covering the entire Randstad.

  • Van Paaschen

    Real estate agency specialized in working with expatriates.

  • Holland Home Management

    Holland Home Management provides living accommodations for ex-pats.

  • Rotsvast

    With 27 offices located throughout the Netherlands, Rots-Vast Groep is one of the country's largest specialists in the field of residential rental brokerage and property management.

  • NVM

    Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers ('Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars')

  • Huis Te Koop (Dutch only)

    Information site where owners of real-estate offer their house for sale to potential buyers without broker involvement.

  • Airbnb (for temporary stays)
    Airbnb, Inc. is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. The company does not own any of the real estate listings, nor does it host events; it acts as a broker, receiving commissions from each booking.


  • Holland Handbook

    Essential information for the expatriate on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands such as: career, fiscal issues, health care, housing, insurance, international education, registration and telecommunications. Also more general information on Dutch culture and habits, tourist information, language and international clubs). Published by Xpat Media (Publisher: XPat Media - ISBN 978 94 6319 064 0).



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