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Departure conditions


When moving out of the Netherlands, there are several formalities that you need to arrange before moving abroad. A number of bureaucratic matters have to be taken care of, so plan enough time to make arrangements.

Cancel registration municipality

If you are moving abroad for longer than 8 months, it is required to cancel your registration at the Dutch Population Register (BRP) at your local town hall or in writing to the Department of Public Service, Publiekszaken. You may deregister within a maximum of 5 days before your departure. When reporting about your move, you will need to inform them about your residential or corresponding address abroad. See as an example the detailed instructions on how to report your move abroad of the City of The Hague.

Cancel registration with other services

While arranging your moving, there are many other places where you have to deregister.

  • Bank account
    You should also close your Dutch bank account, unless it can be paired with a Dutch address.
  • Terminate rental contract
    Contact your housing agency to terminate your rental contract
  • Cancel utility services
    (gas, water, light, cable, internet).
  • Collect medical record
    If you have been visiting the doctor and the dentist it is advisable to collect your medical records.
  • Telephone provider
    Notify your telephone provider and cancel your phone contracts.
  • Post address
    To receive your post, notify the post office about your change of address.
  • Return your Dutch residence document
    If you are non-EU/EEA or Swiss national then you must return your residence (IND) card. Your HR officer can advise you.