Living in the Netherlands

You may have many questions about living in the Netherlands. Here you find answers to many of those questions.


What you need to know when moving to the Netherlands

If you want to move to the Netherlands, or extend your stay in the Netherlands, there are several topics, which are probably very relevant to you.

It might be difficult to find accomodation in the Netherlands. Generally, there is short supply and it can therefore be very expensive to find suitable accomodation. The different accomodation options are discussed and useful information sources are given.






Pan-European Pension Fund for Researchers: RESAVER


Even if you haven't thought about retirement yet, it is a good idea to get started now to ensure a comfortable pension. Moving between jobs and countries can cause complications regarding your pension. Find out more about your pension rights in Europe, including the pan-European pension scheme for researchers: RESAVER.

FAQs for pensions





Working in The Netherlands

You may have many questions about working in the Netherlands. Here you find answers to many of those questions.


What to know about working in the Netherlands

When you are working in the Netherlands, either on a contract, or as a fellow, there are several issues that might be relevant for you.

Here you can find out what's important for you in your career with the help of a toolkit.

Career development





Leaving the Netherlands

If you are leaving the Netherlands for a short while, a longer time or for good, here you might find relevant information to help you on the way.

Going outside of Europe

Visit the EURAXESS Links website to find out more about research outside the EU, including links to researcher’s mobility portals in Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan and South Africa.

Another useful website for funding opportunities is BILAT. This has information about funding opportunities for European researchers in 11 countries around the world; Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, USA.


For Dutch researchers

Make sure you have a valid Dutch passport at all times. If you have lived outside of the Netherlands for 10 years, and do not apply for a renewal on time after your old passport is no longer valid, you might risk losing the Dutch nationality.


Departure conditions

More information about departure conditions such as cancelling registrations.

Departure conditions



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