TUBITAK 2232 Outstanding International Schoolarship

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    Izmir Institute of Technology
    Formal sciences
    Natural sciences
    Professions and applied sciences
    Recognised Researcher (R2) (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)



The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of İzmir İnstitute High Technology in Turkey has a fully funded PhD positions for spring term of 2020. The research topic for this position is related to biomechanics of movement to extract boundary conditions for implants and design of implant simulators, in silico implant design and wear simulations including testing according to the ISO standards for medical device design.

It is expected that the thesis work will involve interdisciplinary themes related to motion capture, human movement science, building models in Visual 3D and Anybody to calculate joint reaction forces and ROM values. The ideal candidate should have a back ground in biomechanics, being able to use Anybody program in OpenSim and have record of publication from Master of Science in a related topic.

The call is open to any nationalities, however the applicants must reside in Turkey within the duration of the PhD.

Required Qualifications:

• M.Sc. degree in either Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics

• Valid TOFEL and GRE results.

• Knowledge of modelling and coding

•Highly proficient in spoken and written English.

• Strong background in mechanics, problem solving, analytical thinking and trouble shooting ability

Preferred Qualifications:

• Background in biomechanics, proficient with kinematics, kinetics, data analysis and statistics, modelling, simulations, finite element modelling, design of implants

• Experience in experimental methods related to human movement analysis (e.g. motion capture technology, Visual 3D, wearable systems, marker systems, force plates, EMG etc),

• Demonstrable effectiveness in disseminating scientific results (e.g. publications/talks in conferences).

• Experience in programming real‐time control software in Simulink.

• Analytical skills to interpret tests simulation skills for the research

• Communication skills to write detailed explanatory reports and articles and to present results of research at meetings and conferences

• Fluency in English language to be able to conduct research to produce high quality journal papers, communicate with international collaborators

• Interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively with clinicians, study participants, engineers, research team members, project collaborators, industrial partners, high level academics, funding body

Submission Guidelines & Timeline:

1) Please submit your CV (max 4 pages) and a 1-page motivation letter to senaymihcin@iyte.edu.tr

2) The position will be filled as soon as possible. The successful candidates are expected to start the PhD program in spring 2021. Official applications will start in December through the website of the university.

3) Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed remotely (Skype, Teams etc)

4) For more information on how to apply for PhD, please visit university website.

What is funded

Monthly stipend of 4500 TL


4 years


Valid TOFEL, GRE results and proof of MSc diploma in the relevant field and reference letters.

More Information


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