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Opening up academic talent to companies

17 Mar 2017

EURAXESS, a European network to support and facilitate the mobility of researchers, wants to improve the intersectoral mobility: the move from employees from the academic sector to other sectors. This step is generally still quite difficult for researchers, as instituted often do not provide tailormade services for such career developments. Furthermore companies also do not always have these potential employees in clear view either.

EURAXESS is working on developing instruments and structures to bridge the distance between potential employers and these highly skilled employees. One can think of meet and greet sessions, better information provision for both academic talent and for employers, a platform or courses/events/workshops.

Employers needs

To generate the right tools EURAXESS would like to receive input on the wishes and needs of employers. The network is especially interested in input from managers, specialists in HR policy and/or recruitment and those involved in R&D.


Employers can help by taking the English survey by 31 March. This will take about 6 minutes. For questions about this survey, feel free to contact Ilse Schenk, national coordinator EURAXESS The Netherlands, Click here for the survey.

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