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How does the Modern Migration Policy Act affect you?

14 Dec 2010

When you came to the Netherlands as a researcher, you had to go through immigration procedures - if you are not from the EU or the EEA. Ideally, your employer has handled most of the paperwork on your behalf, but you may have applied for your residence permit yourself and you may be responsible for renewing it when it expires.

That is about to change. The Dutch parliament passed a new law several months ago, the Modern Migration Policy Act. Although the initial target date for the new legislation to come into effect (1 January 2011) will not be met, it will still enter into force fairly soon.

Why has the Aliens Act been changed?

What was once the Aliens Act is now the Modern Migration Policy Act (often referred to by its Dutch abbreviation ‘MoMi’). In implementing the Modern Migration Policy Act, the Dutch government aims to move toward a selective entry policy. What this entails is that the Netherlands wants to welcome migrants who meet economic and cultural needs, but remain restrictive for others. For that to be possible, the immigration procedures need to be faster and simpler, significantly reducing the administrative burden for citizens and companies. These measures aim to help promote the Dutch knowledge economy.



In the section about visa and residence permits on our website you can find more detailed information about this new immigration law and the changes that are relevant for you.

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