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23 Jun 2015

This page contains links to previous editions of the Euraxess Newsletter for Researchers in the Netherlands.

June 2015

  • Avoiding residence gap
  • Unlimited access to 400 Dutch museums
  • Get the most out of your PhD with PCDI 
  • Make it in the Netherlands
  • If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys - column by Dirk Haaksman

 October 2014

  • Happy New Year
  • New chances for an innovative start
  • Family and immigration procedures
  • Music makes the world go round- Column by Dirk Haaksman
  • Events

May 2014

  • Benefit not proof of financial means for guest researchers
  • Cross-border commuters: living in one country, working in another
  • Euraxess Roadshow visits Maastricht
  • The Amsterdam BioMed Cluster
  • Euraxess soon to have 4 service centres in the Netherlands
  • Cooking - Column by Dirk Haaksman

March 2014:

  • New to Holland: top 3 things to arrange
  • Knowledge embargo no longer limited to Iranians
  • Euraxess Roadshow in Maastricht 15 April
  • Study into problems during PhD programme
  • Career event Bio, Chemistry, Food and Pharma
  • Europe: a blessing or a curse? - Column by Dirk Haaksman

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