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Taking up a second job

You are coming to the Netherlands to do research or teach at a higher education institution. But for whatever reason you may want (or need!) a second job. Here you can read whether this is legally possible.

To have a work permit or not… that’s the question!

If you have a residence permit for the purpose of “work” you may think that you can pick up any job you like, or even have two jobs. However, this is a far cry from reality.

If your employer has arranged a work permit for you, this permit allows you to do the exact job that you are hired for, and no other job. You can have a second job, but your second employer will then need to apply for an additional work permit for you.

As a scientific researcher or guest lecturer there is a good chance that you are allowed to work without a work permit. Your residence permit will most likely read: “Work permit not required. Other work not permitted”.

Now the advantage of not requiring a work permit turns against you. You are not allowed to do any other job than the job that your residence permit was granted for. Therefore, having a job “on the side” is not an option, even if you need it to supplement your income.

Highly skilled migrant can have two employers

A note should be made regarding highly skilled migrants. A highly skilled migrant can have two employers, as long as he qualifies as a highly skilled migrant for both jobs. These requirements are laid out in the Aliens Act. 

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